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What is .law?

.law is a new top-level domain dedicated to accredited lawyers and law firms worldwide.

This new domain offers lawyers an alternative to
the overpopulated and unregulated .com domain.

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"...Legal marketing could see the largest upheavel since the beginning of the dot-com era with
the arrival of the new '.law'..."

ABA Journal

"...We think being a dot law'er sounds pretty cool..."


"...ICANN Betting '.law' Domain Will Become a Legal
Gold Standard..."

Legal Tech News

"...With more than 5,000 .law domains registered within the first 90 days of introduction, .law is fast
becoming the address of the legal profession..."


Highly Brandable

An opportunity to strengthen and differentiate your brand. A .law domain allows you to create a descriptive and memorable domain name.

Own your name or practice area, or target a specific market.,,,,, and

Exclusive & Verified

Reserved domains, such as .gov, .edu, and .law, are exclusive, verified, and trusted by end users worldwide.

Only qualified lawyers and law firms are eligible to secure this new domain. All registrations are verified by an internationally recognized, third party verification service. Upon approval, verified applicants can register their preferred, perfectly branded domain name.

Anyone visiting your .law will know immediately that you are a reserved brand exclusive to the legal profession.

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The legal profession is moving to

.Law names are used by global legal practices and associations. Solos, AmLaw 200 firms, law schools, bar associations, professional organizations and industry leaders have all already secured their .law domain names.

As seen in:

Two Big Firms Register for .law Domain Name - Big Law

Two of the world's largest firms, DLA Piper and Skadden, Arps, Slate Meagher & Flom, have placed reservations to purchase URLs for the new .law domain, according to…

New '.law' suffix could set off a domain gold

Legal marketing could see the largest upheaval since the beginning of the dot-com era with the arrival of the new ".law" domain extension. On July 30, early…

Will Law Firms Flock to .Law Domain?

Starting in mid-October, law firms and credentialed lawyers will be able to purchase web addresses ending in .law, a new domain reserved for their industry…

The ".law" Domain Gains Momentum Throughout the Legal

Minds + Machines has announced that the .law domain names may be applied for by qualified lawyers on a first-come, first-served basis at standard rates. The seven-day…

Reserve now,
limited time offer*

Pricing for standard .law names is $124 $99 with affiliate discounts of $25 available through many law schools and bar associations.

* Discount applies to the first year of a new standard .law registration with a retail value of USD 124/year.
Discount excludes (1) premium registration (i.e., any domain name with a retail price above USD 124/year) and (2) any standard name registrations that occurred prior to 2 August 2016 (15:59 UTC) including renewals thereon.
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