Why .LAW is important

  • What is .law?
  • What makes .law and .abogado unique?
  • What are the .law and .abogado Eligibility Criteria?
  • Who is a Qualified Lawyer?
  • What information is required to verify eligibility of a .law or .abogado domain name applicant?
  • Why is there an application and verification process?
  • What names may I apply for and register?
  • Does the domain name have to relate to the registrant's personal name, business name, trademark, or service mark?
  • How many domain names may I apply for and register?
  • What happens if I receive an "unavailable" message for a domain name in which I may be interested?
  • What if the domain name I want is taken?
  • Are there any restrictions for what a Qualified Lawyer may use for their postal address?
  • May a law firm use a generic name such as "Domain Administrator" as the first and last name?
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